Monday, May 14, 2007

Chuck Norris responds to my attempts to "Outlaw Christianity"

In a recent WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary article by Chuck Norris (yes that Chuck Norris) titled "How to outlaw Christianity (Step 1)", Mr. Norris seems to respond to my earlier entries about theocracy. I'm flattered. Instead of responding he actually confirmed everything I had to say about the insidious us-versus-them'ism that his form of theism advocates.

He also seemed to admit that without government endorsement of religion it would not be able to win the "war for ideological dominance"...
"For these liberal groups to win the war of ideological dominance, they know they must minimize the effects of Christianity, which many are doing (unbeknownst to others) behind the scenes through lobbying and legislation. In fact, two significant actions occurred on the National Day of Prayer just two weeks ago!

The London Telegraph[the local Pioneer Press has coverage of both events in a photo/audio piece] noted that, while American Christians were praying across the land on the National Day of Prayer, atheists were petitioning the Texas Legislature against the civic display of the words, "In God We Trust."

Eroding and erasing theistic language in culture is a growing trend. Earlier this year George Washington dollar coins were not only inscribed with the words "In God We Trust" on their edges, but many excluded them entirely! Such minting modifications are a flagrant defiance against theism and a public reflection of the place God is now relegated – to the fringes of society.
I haven't heard of any attempts to "Outlaw Christianity", and lobbying and legislation are hardly going on "behind the scenes".

One of Norris's other complaints, under the sub-title "The tyranny of the state over the church", is about the "legal disgrace" of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. He believes that it is a violation of the freedom of speech to have hate crimes laws that restrict Christian leaders rights to incite people to beat up homosexuals and transvestites.

Hemant has also responded to the article.

Someone just asked me if the WND article was a parody like the Onion... nope (it's like Poe's Law in reverse).

Part's 2 and 3 are now available... where Norris 'proves' the Bible is correct by calling Dawkins, Harris and others fools.

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Deborah said...

He believes that it's wrong to have hate crimes laws that restrict Christian leaders from allowing people to beat up homosexuals and transvestites?
Chuck Norris should be ashamed. Christianity has been twisted into such a harsh and ugly thing by crazy extremists like him and it pisses me off. The Christians that I know are kind and accepting of others.
And I really think that it's about time religion should part ways with government. Religion and government have gone hand in hand for too long and have caused many-if not all-of the great miseries of this world.
Sorry, kind of going off topic, but this kind of thing really gets me heated.
Great post!