Thursday, March 19, 2009

iTunes Huh

iTunes U is a good idea and some of the lectures are good...but then you get the ones that sounds like... "This is an important point ....[scratch scratch scratch scratch on the blackboard] ...and here...[more writing on the board] another important point....and this point connects [line drawn on board] to this point...does that make sense? Fine, moving on...[more writing on board]...." Someday these lectures might be made in a way that is optimized for iTunes...then we could just pay for college credits through the iTunes Store.


Bjorn said...

But, then you could only express the ideas presented in iTunes U via approved Apple devices, as Apple deploys NeuroFairPlay chips to be inserted at the base of the skull by a Genius at the local Apple Store.

Cat's Staff said...

Did you see that on one of the rumor sites? Is it coming soon? Can I get two? One for my right brain one for my left... Will it use the new USB 3 standard...or wi-fi...or bluetooth (in which case can my dentist put it in?).