Sunday, August 28, 2011

This should be a crime

Giving smallpox infected blankets to Native Americans = using homeopathy to treat Africans... a lot of people are going to die.

It's one thing to sell a product that claims to have magical curative powers to people in developed first world countries were we can say "They should have known better" and "They could have checked the Internet to find out that it doesn't work". But to do this in rural Tanzania‽ This particular quack has started the "Homoeopathy for Health in Africa" project, "specifically intended to help patients with AIDS". In 2008 he claimed to have treated 40 people with AIDS, one of whom was totally negative. He is going back to Tanzania to put more lives at risk do more research. Homeopathy/homoeopathy doesn't work, there is no way it can work, there is no reason it should work. It might have made sense a long time ago, now it should be laughed at along with other primitive and archaic practices like bloodletting, using leeches, chiseling holes in the head to let out evil spirits and tobacco smoke enema's.

Tanzania...there is no reason why you have to accept people like this as doctors. They are not medical doctors and they do not have the best interests of your citizens in mind. It would benefit you greatly if you passed laws (or enforced them if they already exist) regarding practicing medicine without a license. A homeopath (also spelled homoeopath) is NOT a medical doctor, even if they do put Dr. in front of their name. While your at it...naturopaths (ND's or Dr. of naturopathy) are not medical doctors (MD's) either. Don't be fooled! Stop these people at the airport and put them on the next plane home before they cause any more damage.


Anonymous said...

ahhh, but leeches are being used again, even by well respected medical facilities - including the U of M. They find that leeches work better than anything 'modern' medicine could come up with. With this exception, you're post was great.

Cat's Staff said...

True, they are using leeches today for medicinal purposes, but not for the reasons they used them in the past. They used to use them for bloodletting to balance the humors. Now they are using them to help with tissue reconstruction and microsurgery. And the anticoagulant protein, hirudin, has been isolated and can be used in place of heparin (for people who are allergic). I was thinking more of the bloodletting use.

I could have also included perkinism, and flying blisters.