Monday, July 16, 2007

Brownback's idea of religious liberty

On presidential candidate Sen. Brownback's MySpace page, there is a page for "Brownback - On the Issues". Under the "Religious Liberty" section Brownback says...
"... The First Amendment protects the freedom to practice the religion of one's choice. That freedom is under attack by groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, who profit financially from lawsuits brought against cities and towns that display religious symbols. ...."
I'm confused. Is religious liberty something individuals have, or something the government has?
"... I introduced the Public Expression of Religion Act last year to prevent groups like the ACLU from collecting attorneys' fees in religious freedom cases. Our country was founded on the idea that its citizens should be free to express their religious beliefs without government interference. ..."
So we have the freedom to express our beliefs without government interference, but the government should be immune from paying my costs to defend my rights when it does interfere?
"... I will continue the fight to protect that freedom."
Please don't.

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