Sunday, July 8, 2007

Free Movies in the Twin Cities

2010 Free Movies in the Twin Cities can be found here Below is a post from 2007.

There are a few FREE MOVIES in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota this summer. You know you want to go see The Killer Shrews while sitting in the courtyard at the Bell...
11 - O Brother, Where Art Thou? - S
12 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding - D
13 - The Thin Man - F
16 - All That Heaven Allows - W
18 - Goonies - S
19 - Akeelah and the Bee - D
20 - Casino Royale - F
23 - There’s Always Tomorrow - W
25 - Ghostbusters - S
26 - Father of the Bride - D
27 - Much Ado About Nothing - F
30 - The Tarnished Angels - W
1 - On the Waterfront - S
2 - Sabrina - D
6 - Written on the Wind - W
9 - A Cinderella Story - D
13 - Imitation of Life - W
16 - Attack of the Giant Leeches - B
20 - Magnificent Obsession - W
23 - The Killer Shrews - B
30 - The Wasp Woman - B

6 - The Giant Gila Monster - B

W = Walker Summer Music & Movies - Mondays
The Walker’s beloved summer favorite returns for its 31st season of sizzling music and classic films under the stars. The movie theme this year is "films directed by Douglas Sirk". The lush 1950s Hollywood films of director Douglas Sirk document the public’s growing discontent with the social conventions of the time. He was drawn to stories in which the characters struggle to claim their right to live as they’d like, often flying in the face of disapproving, nosy neighbors, friends, and family. Sirk illustrated the strength it takes to rise above the harpies who blindly enforce society’s empty morality.

S = Stevens Square Community Organization Cinema and Civics - Wednesdays
Cinema and Civics (formerly Music and Movies) is a summer film series sponsored by Stevens Square Community Organization, curated by Stevens Square Center for the Arts, and held in Stevens Square Park. This year's series is entitled "Come Together!" The theme centers around the idea that any group of people, either large or small, can change the world (or, at least, their little part of it.) We wanted to go back-if only for an evening-to a simpler time-a time when a group of people could gather together and just be...happy. At least for a little while...

D = Music & Movies in District del Sol - Thursdays
Now in its fifth year, “Music & Movies in District del Sol” returns to Saint Paul’s West Side every Thursday for 8 weeks this summer. Held in Castillo Park on St. Paul’s West Side, this free series will feature a variety of live, local bands and well-known films. This year the event includes activities during the musical performances. The activities start at 7:00 pm, music starts at 7:30 pm, all followed by a film starting at dusk.

B = Bell Museum Summer Sci-Fi Series - Thursdays
In a special summer edition of Science on Screen, the Bell Museum and Take-Up Productions will present animal-themed sci-fi films on an outdoor screen in the Bell Museum courtyard. Come early to see live animals and learn about the real behaviors and biology of the featured creatures. In the event of rain, films will be moved indoors to the Bell Museum auditorium and will begin at 8:30 p.m.

F = Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library - Fridays
Watch six weeks of films, all based on books, comics or plays, in the Kellogg Boulevard Courtyard of Central Library, 90 W. 4th Street, Saint Paul.

Did I miss any...I'd hate to miss out on a free deal?!


Cat's Staff said...

I should have mentioned that the movies are free, but some places may involve costs for parking. Does anyone know any cheap places to park near the Bell? Parking in the ramp down the street could cost as much or more as going to a full price movie.

I have walked 15-20 mins to get to Loring Park so that I could park for free. I have achilles tendonitis and flat feet...but I'm really it's almost as painful for me to walk that far as it is to violate my principles of not paying for something that is supposed to be free.

mplsindygirl said...

take a bus

Cat's Staff said...

Good idea MIG...I'll have to look into that.