Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skeptics say what about the LHC?

I have noticed many news reports about the Large Hadron Collider refer to those who think that it will cause the world to end as 'skeptics'. [or in some places 'sceptic']

Here are the skeptics I know that are saying anything about the LHC... Skeptics Guide to the Universe says it's safe, Skeptoid says it's safe, Skepchick says it's safe (along with Teen Skepchick)... I can't find one skeptical blog/podcast/magazine etc worth paying attention to that is saying that the LHC cause any problems.

I'm not sure if the media is using the word skeptic as a slur, or the people who are supporting the idea that the LHC will destroy the Earth/Universe are appropriating the term and referring to themselves as skeptics.

Imagine what people will be saying when the next accelerator gets built.

Here is the webcam of the LHC to prove it!

This post is currently the top result when searching for LHC Skeptic. Are there any other good "Skeptic" sites out there that have something to say about the LHC? I'll add them so people can find more info in one spot. BTW...what someone was doing searching for "LHC Sylvia Brown" is to scary to contemplate...

Sunday, September 7, 2008


More of the exciting things Cat has been up to...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Who are these guys...

If these guys aren't working for/with the RNC...the RNC should be hitting their donation buttons about now. They are doing a good job of keeping the real issues out of the news.