Monday, August 5, 2013

Scalar Quantum blog post

Whenever I need a good laugh I watch this kind of thing...

The WooBabble® is strong with this one. It's good for a few good belly laughs. 

Bionerd23 has picked apart this things claims here and here...she has all the cool toys.

Obligatory video of why people think there's any effect from this kind of thing, thanks to Richard Saunders in Australia.

The whole 'earthing' thing, on the other hand, is making me slap my forehead so hard it's starting to hurt.  They aren't even trying to be entertaining, it's just stupid...unless it's a Poe and I'm not getting it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Western Digital

I have had good luck with Western Digital hard drives...that is, the hard drive itself.

I have had bad luck with Western Digital external drives like the WD My Book, or My Studio or My Passport...

Even though it's a more expensive way to go for external drives, I've had good luck with Otherworld Computing.  They have other choices at their website.