Friday, May 20, 2011

End times warning....

No, I'm not suggesting that the rapture will happen tomorrow and the world will end on Oct. 21st. That's ridiculous. So you might say "What's the harm...May 22nd will come around and these people will realize that they were all wrong, they will look up a local freethought group and they will get on with living a happy well adjusted life.

Check out this profile of a true believer from Huffington Post (or just cheat and watch the video like I did).

If Harold Camping goes into hiding on May 22nd, this guy in the video is going to assume that he has been left behind. Then he might start to think his wife might still have a chance and his unborn baby should of course be able to get into heaven. I fear for her life. If anyone knows Marcia Paladines, make sure she is safe. If you don't think a person could come to such a conclusion look no further than Andrey Yates, which had nothing to do with an end time prediction.