Thursday, March 19, 2009

iTunes Huh

iTunes U is a good idea and some of the lectures are good...but then you get the ones that sounds like... "This is an important point ....[scratch scratch scratch scratch on the blackboard] ...and here...[more writing on the board] another important point....and this point connects [line drawn on board] to this point...does that make sense? Fine, moving on...[more writing on board]...." Someday these lectures might be made in a way that is optimized for iTunes...then we could just pay for college credits through the iTunes Store.


Bjorn Watland said...

But, then you could only express the ideas presented in iTunes U via approved Apple devices, as Apple deploys NeuroFairPlay chips to be inserted at the base of the skull by a Genius at the local Apple Store.

Cat's Staff said...

Did you see that on one of the rumor sites? Is it coming soon? Can I get two? One for my right brain one for my left... Will it use the new USB 3 standard...or wi-fi...or bluetooth (in which case can my dentist put it in?).