Sunday, March 29, 2015

I better get ready for the stocks

Hay, this thing still works?! Are people still blogging in 2015?

I just saw that this Arizona State Senator, Sylvia Allen, was suggesting that church attendance should be mandatory.

This is a clear case of conservative-fundamentalist Christian Americans, who are so want to wrap themselves in the flag and treating the constitution like sacred scripture without knowing the history of this country.

We had mandatory church attendance. In 1610 the colony of Virginia had a law that mandated church attendance on Sundays for morning and afternoon services; a first-time offender lost his "provision and allowance for the whole week."  Those who committed a second offense, in addition to losing his "allowance," would be whipped. A third violation was, supposedly, punished by death. Other colonies had similar laws. In the Mid-1600's Massachusetts hanged Quakers, for the crime of being Quakers in Massachusetts. Baptists were run out of many towns for not practicing infant baptism. Witches were hanged at Salam on the order of religious authorities.

We didn't like those kind of we had a revolution, as in 'The Revolution'. Senator Sylvia Allen is the type of person who likes to think that the 'good old days' were the ones before the revolution, when the puritans liked religious freedom so much they wanted to keep it all to themselves.